MESKI is a game where you escape from
an area called Area through choices.

One day, the main character, MESKI,
is isolated in an area called Area for unknown reasons.

But! I'm glad I have the spare
stamina and money.

Defeat the enemy!

You can get small money by killing enemies in the area.

Dodge with the arrow keys!

Use the arrow keys to get out of the dangerous space!

Then good rewards and weapons!

Earn money, health and weapons! Then you can escape!


Escape is not easy. Keep that in mind.

2021.09.13 ~ 2021.09.15 (dev)
code :  19354/65535 made with PICO-8

!CyberApex / Yechan Choi (최예찬) SkagoGames.

MESKI is a prototype. Full-scale project development
may differ from the current one.

If you'd like to browse the games I've made,
please visit my other games on my itch page.

(Currently, due to university preparations, some games are closed. Please understand.)

Thank you for playing.
- SkagoGames, 2021


Download 941 kB
Download 3 MB
Download 694 kB

Install instructions

MESKI can be enjoyed on the web.

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